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Tuija Seipell  (@tuijaseipell)

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Tuija Seipell is a Canadian keynote speaker and business advisor who is both passionate and inspiring.

As the long-time editor of, Tuija looks at things from a position of authority. She understands that complicated is easy, but simple is hard. And she knows that simplicity always wins with customers. She often encourages companies that are worried about the customer experience they provide to fix the basics, since the wow that many businesses seek can (and must) wait.

In her work as a business advisor, Tuija is typically the person who brings the customer into the discussion. She recognizes that the Customer Experience (a currently trendy and often-misunderstood concept) is whatever the customer experiences personally. And typically not what a business claims it is.

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Planning and Creating a Visitor Experience

In late November 2017, Tuija spoke about the importance of values as the basis of customer experience and branding at two brainstorming workshops in Rovaniemi, Finland. The mandate of the group, assembled by the Finnish National Parks Service, was to create "one of the most unique visitor centers in the world."

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