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Salon Odes, Odessa, Ukraine

Written for The Cool Hunter by Tuija Seipell


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Young, Kiev, Ukraine-based architect, Emil Dervish teams up with many interior designers on his commercial and residential projects. Salon Odes in Odessa, Ukraine, is a particularly successful example of what happens when that crucial collaboration works well.

Odes is a result of a recent alliance between Dervish and local interior designer, Evgeni Bulatnikov.

This project, located in the vibrant, historic city of Odessa by the Black Sea, also benefited from the luxury of a large space, something not affordable – or even available – to beauty and hair salons in many larger cities.

At 131 square meters (1,410 square feet) Odes is airy and open yet each of the functions has its own designated area.

The clever use of light-grey drapery further increases the feel of openness and lightness, giving the impression of both available daylight and impermanence.

Smart, minimalist lighting fixtures and retro tiling add a sense of understated opulence. Mid-century modernist –inspired furnishings, and the sparse use of retro green and burnt-brick colour accents, complete the look.

We also love the little accessory trolleys whose big, white wheels bravely channel Alvar Aalto’s tea trolley 901 from 1936. Salon Odes is located in Odessa, Ukraine, str, Marshala Govorova 10/6

by Tuija Seipell