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Khromis Eye Wear, PoHo, Hong Kong

Khromis Eye Wear is located in PoHo, one of Hong Kong’s hip neighbourhoods-to-watch, a cul-de-sac of Po Hing Fong Street in Sheung Wan.

The sleek yet inviting boutique is 812 square feet (75,5 sq. metres) in size, but seems much larger due to the clever use of mirrors and lighting.

Hong Kong-based A Work of Substance created all of the components of the brand including interior design, graphic design and packaging.

Forbes has described A Work of Substance’s founding partner, Maxine Dautresme, as “Mr. Catch-Me-If-You-Can” due to his globe-hopping childhood, later education and work.

Gathering inspiration and influences from Brazil, Korea, Japan, France, Monaco and the U.S., Dautresme has become an influencer in the revival of Hong Kong’s past and in the creation of its future.

His British, retro and global perspectives, as well as his interest in lighting, are all visible also in the Khromis project.

In the interior, the designers have used mirrors and reflecting surfaces to create perspective and reflections, and to direct light to the eyewear on display.

As customers are measured and then guided through the selection of in-stock and bespoke styles and materials, they can enjoy a cup of Hazel & Hershey Coffee Roasters’ coffee off the boutique’s own coffee bar.

We love the curving, dark wood, the hard surfaces and the slim profile of the furniture. It all creates a sense of old-world craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, even a slight retro “clinical” feel of old apothecaries or barber shops. But it all looks modern and current and it hangs together beautifully.

And that’s what we love most about this project. We love the consistency of the brand’s physical components – from the physical store exterior and interior to the fixtures, packaging and product detailing, the brand seems to speak one language.

Of course in the world of exclusive designer eyewear, the in-store service and the pre- and post-sale experience is what in the end determines the brand experience for the customer. But a very promising physical envelope is definitely here.

Written by Tuija Seipell