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Tuija Seipell is a Canadian keynote speaker and business advisor who is both passionate and inspiring. She is not afraid to talk about or express emotions, so her stories and examples stay with people, leading to change. Her most-requested presentations:

NEW: Love is the New Currency  •  NEW: Silver is the New Gold  •  NEW: Disconnect to Connect  •  NEW: Show Me a Reason to Love You  •  Customer Experience: The Curse of Knowing  •  Customer Experience: Good Enough is not Good Enough  •  Travel and Arctic Tourism: Cold is Cool  •  Design is How It Feels  •  Design Thinking: Always a Prototype  •  Is Courage or Fear Running Your Business?  •  Trust, the Most Fragile Element of Customer Experience

“We very much appreciated your point of view and many points resonated throughout the conference, the ultimate being ‘honest.’ Your presentation was professional, yet very personal, connecting us to the key concepts. Your work and words will continue to inspire us well beyond the conference.”

Allan Brabo

Sr. Director, Global Operations

Nike Inc. - DTC Global Retail Design

SLUSH: International Technology Startup Event

Resonant Experience for NIKE in Whistler

Tuija delivered an inspiring keynote called Creating an Emotionally Resonant Customer Experience at the NIKE Inc. Direct to Consumer Global Retail Design Off-Site, held in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. Her message to NIKE in this 2010 Olympic Winter Games Host City: Sport is magic. Sport is emotion. Sport is the best in us.

International Wedding Photographers in Rome

Tuija spoke at Way Up North, an international conference of wedding photographers at Teatro Italia in Rome, Italy. Her presentation was unique on the program, and earned her an invitation to a repeat engagement in Stockholm, Sweden the following year. An introductory video, available on YouTube (below), introduced Tuija’s presentation.

Video created by Javier Mariscal Ariza

New Keynote for 2020

Tuija recently delivered an inspiring new keynote presentation called Love is the New Currency at the Step Forward conference in Turku, Finland. This session looks at workplace wellness, team management, trust and emotional connection as crucial ways that a business can deliver a superior customer experience. The event was presented by the local Jaycees.

Brand Relaunch at New York Fashion Week

During New York Fashion Week, Tuija was invited to give a talk and lead a discussion about the Modern Nordic Woman for a major cosmetics brand’s relaunch media event at Spring Place in SOHO. After giving a presentation in Helsinki in the morning, she jetted across the Atlantic and was driven directly to the event.

The Cool Possibilities of Arctic Design

Photo by Jesse Harsia

For seven consecutive years, Tuija served as keynote speaker and workshop leader at Arctic Design Week in Rovaniemi, Lapland, a city that has now claimed the title “Capital of Arctic Design.” In this YouTube excerpt from her presentation, Cold is Cool, Tuija discusses the “cool” aspects and unique possibilities of a place so pristine, clear, clean and silent. Video opens in a new window or in the YouTube app

International Tourism: The Arctic is Magic

Tuija delivered two keynote presentations at the launch conference of Visit Arctic Europe in Tromsø, Norway. The event marked the beginning of an ongoing joint tourism initiative involving Sweden, Norway and Finland. Reflecting her long experience as editor of, Tuija opened the event with a presentation called Cold is Cool. The next day she closed it with her presentation The Arctic is Magic.

Customer Experience in Digital Payments

Customer Experience in Europe’s National Parks

In Killarney, Ireland, Tuija made two keynote presentations on the topic of Customer Experience to the leaders of Europe’s national parks at the EUROPARC Federation’s annual conference. She shared the stage with, among others, Heather Humphreys (third from left), Ireland’s Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht.

Enthusiasm for “The Curse of Knowing”

More than 500 conference delegates at Mainontapäivä, the Finnish advertising industry’s largest annual event, gave Tuija’s presentation The Curse of Knowing an enthusiastic welcome.

Inspiration for Dash Problem Solvers

Experience Leaders Welcome “The Curse of Knowing”

Tuija was keynote speaker at the Customer Experience Management conference in Helsinki. One observation that resonated with this knowledgeable audience was that some companies spend far too much effort trying to create a wow experience when they should first be worrying about executing the basics effectively.

National Leadership Conference: Insurance

Tuija delivered the keynote address at the national leadership conference of Finnish insurance and banking firm LähiTapiola. Her message: When it comes to the customer experience, Good Enough is not Good Enough.

“Premium Experience” While Cruising the Baltic

Although cruise ferry MS Viking Grace, which departs every day from Stockholm and Turku, is a modern and high-tech vessel, its owners hoped to make service its true competitive advantage. In a unique personal first, Tuija delivered an in-voyage presentation and workshop for the captain and crew on the topic of Delivering a Premium Guest Experience.

Design for the Broadcast Industry

Tuija’s message to an audience of broadcast executives and salespeople reflected her years of experience as editor at Design is a tool to create emotion. And emotion is what sells experiences and non-commodity items. They invited her to return and speak at a subsequent event. Twice.